Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's all about the pink, bout the pink on her birthday!!

 Kirby Elle turned three: 12/27/14!
 …and it was all about the pink, bout the pink, no worries!
...from our traditional fuller folks donut hole cake breakfast!
(pink icing glaced those bad boys, no worries)

…to our annual girls lunch at The American Girl Bistro with JoJo!

We started this when Kirby turned one, it was the first year the Bistro opened in Houston, so here's hoping for many many more memories like this!

…and of course shopping with her Itty Bitty doll!

Kirby loves her Jojo and so thankful for her too!

Then after naps the boys gave her their birthday surprise…her pink princess bike!

So sweet watching the boys help her and their excitement! 

Can't get any girlier nor pink with this ride!  Fit for a princess!

Helping and guiding her onto her bike with such love!

 Who needs parents when big brothers rock at teaching her!

AND this girl figured out how to ride it within minutes and was cruising down the street! She is one determined little girl and I pray that takes her far one day!

JOY right here folks! XO

Final birthday celebration was dinner at her favorite restaurant which included PIZZA with her Uncle C and his crew! 

Talk about melting my heart with this picture!  #daddy'sgirl

..and it's official she is now three!

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