Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's all about the pink, bout the pink on her birthday!!

 Kirby Elle turned three: 12/27/14!
 …and it was all about the pink, bout the pink, no worries!
...from our traditional fuller folks donut hole cake breakfast!
(pink icing glaced those bad boys, no worries)

…to our annual girls lunch at The American Girl Bistro with JoJo!

We started this when Kirby turned one, it was the first year the Bistro opened in Houston, so here's hoping for many many more memories like this!

…and of course shopping with her Itty Bitty doll!

Kirby loves her Jojo and so thankful for her too!

Then after naps the boys gave her their birthday surprise…her pink princess bike!

So sweet watching the boys help her and their excitement! 

Can't get any girlier nor pink with this ride!  Fit for a princess!

Helping and guiding her onto her bike with such love!

 Who needs parents when big brothers rock at teaching her!

AND this girl figured out how to ride it within minutes and was cruising down the street! She is one determined little girl and I pray that takes her far one day!

JOY right here folks! XO

Final birthday celebration was dinner at her favorite restaurant which included PIZZA with her Uncle C and his crew! 

Talk about melting my heart with this picture!  #daddy'sgirl

..and it's official she is now three!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy December

Well…it looks like for the last 2 years that I only posted a family picture and then I disappeared, so I am not going to make any promises this year, but I am going to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Please enjoy your family and friends this season!  Remember to have JOY in all that there is, because in the JOY (Jesus Only You) you will grow!
I googled JOY pictures and I LOVED this one, so I hope they don't mind me sharing!
I've linked their website to the picture, so check them out!
…oh and this my friends is my earthly joy!  These three little angels!

Friday, December 28, 2012

where did I go?

In my sleep I was blogging, in my dreams I was crossing everything off my to do list, but in reality I wasn't getting much done, but I was enjoying making sweet memories with my three little monkeys which beats all the above!  So it will be worth the wait to see and read what we have been monkeying around with! :)

Here is a peek at our family pictures prior to Christmas that I was holding off on until I got all my Christmas cards out!  I still have some that are sitting here awaiting addresses, but I just haven't sat down until now!  I know sounds dramatic, but true!  Busy Momma bee here can't you see?

...and NOW I introduce our family picture! 

Merry Christmas from the Fuller folks!
Wishing you peace and joy in this season of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior and...

we pray that you have a SUPER duper New Year as well!
This my friends is one of my favorite pictures of the boys!  This stage of their lives they are SO into superheros and action that when Andrew lifted them up into the air they automatically started to "fly"- now that is just one reason I love this picture!  The other reason is their amazing father is starring at them with such joy as he looks up while their heavenly father looks down upon them as they fly high through life!  Priceless I tell you!

Friday, December 14, 2012

check THIS out!!!

Another blogger, FBer, and now friend blogged about the Christmas Angel!  Read what she has to say and some of her FABulous ideas too!

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Don't forget to LIKE her on FACEBOOK too!

thanking GOD

Sitting on top of our dinning room table was the angel and elf, although he got himself into more trouble "diving" into the bowl of ornaments, with a message to "tell GOD thanks!"

Why would they sit on the table and why would it say tell God thanks? 

Archer, "we thank him for our food!"  YES!  Ding, ding, got it kid! 

Dinner time is the best time to start a sweet time with your family and take a moment to thank HIM for your food and if your Ashton you thank Him for every person sitting at the table with you at the time, then proceed to ask where _____________ or ____________ is and are they gonna come eat with us too?  I love his heart to be surrounded by others and LOVE!

What do you need to thank HIM for today?  What can your kids thank Him for too?

Wacky Tacky Christmas

Getting ready for our Sunday School class social this month and we are doing a "Wacky Tacky Christmas party!"  I am sure you are wondering what in the world we are doing?  Well the wacky is the attire that one is suppose to wear from their "favorite" sweater to reindeer ears and the tacky is a "treasured" gift that one is suppose to bring so that we can have an exchange war swap!  I can't wait! 

So today Ashton, Kirby, and I headed to our favorite HEB to get the food gathered for the meal that Jodie and I are preparing, it's gonna be a chicken pot pie- crockpot style!  Yummy to my tummy- let's just all start praying now that it turns out good otherwise we are in serious trouble for tomorrow evening!

ps-  she is starting to "pose" for pictures- what do you think about that and her "big" girl denim jacket from Aunt Devra- thanks!?  My two babies are getting way too big for comfort, but a blessing in that is each new day brings about a new adventure with them!

Also, DID you notice WE CHOPPED off Ashton's hair and NOW he LOOKS even more so like a BABY!  He is loving it BTW! 

where's Ashton?

This is how my little guy decided to leave the store with a basket that we bought for part of a Christmas gift!  Crazy silly dude was guided by Archer's commands, which was even funnier!  Lesson here is that Ashton is SO silly and he truly TRUST Archer to guide him and protect him!  They both were laughing the whole time until we made Ashton take it off in the parking lot to hold our hands!  Gotta love these boys and how much fun they are- so blessed!